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– By Anusmita Banerji

Liquidrom, Berlin 

After four days of exploring Berlin, the fifth day was a rather relaxed one. Spent it at Liquidrom..Floating around in salt water, listening to music. Liquidrom is a place for thermal spas, baths, saunas and massages. A place to unwind after... Continue Reading →


Cold night, Hot food, Bright lights..

A lovely Christmas market, with ice skating, a ferris wheel, and lots more at Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

AquaDom, Berlin

Sealife, Berlin has thousands of different species of sea life inside. Further, it leads to the AquaDom which is a cylindrical glass aquarium situated in the middle of the Radisson Blu hotel, in Alexanderplatz. It contains 10,00,000 liters of saline water to... Continue Reading →

Checkpoint Charlie.

More German history, more about the Wall at Checkpoint Charlie. How it all unfolded from 1961 to 1989. So many people tried to flee east Berlin to get into the west for a better, and democratic life. So many people were killed here... Continue Reading →

Volkswagen Car Forum, Berlin

When you have a husband who's a car fanatic, you tend to stumble upon such forums. And, then you end up going in. And, then you might not like to accept the fact that you enjoyed it 😛 Drive, the... Continue Reading →

Bebelplatz, Berlin

Bebelplatz, or formerly known as Opernplatz, yet another historic site in Berlin. A site which takes back people to May 10, 1933. A day that pinches every reader and Author. A day when around 20,000 books by various Authors was... Continue Reading →

Berliner Fernsehturm

Fernsehturm Berlin is a TV tower in Berlin. You need to get to Alexanderplatz station, from where the tower is just a 5 minute walk. It costs EUR. 13 per person to go up top. The tower is 368 meters tall,... Continue Reading →

The Holocaust Memorial..

A tourist attraction, but heartfelt grief for the departed. The Holocaust Memorial. The design of this structure is still not very clear to me. Whether it is just created to pay tribute to the murdered Jews, or if it is an... Continue Reading →

Reichstag, Berlin

The Reichstag building, the house Parliament in Berlin and another architectural beauty. The main attraction in this building is the Glass dome, which gives a 360 degree aerial view of Berlin city. But, one small hitch.. you need to book your... Continue Reading →

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