For the past months, I have been doing a lot of things. To begin with, I moved from France to Spain to study. Then back to France for about two weeks. Now, I am home, in India, and it is good to be back... ūüôā There is a lot I want to share about Spain,... Continue Reading →


I’ve Missed You!

Dear Blog, How are you? Huh, stupid question! Obviously, you're angry, disappointed and completely let down by me. I get it. And, I have no excuse whatsoever. So here I am, penning down my apology to you. Telling you that I am sorry. For completely forgetting about you. For not speaking to you as often... Continue Reading →

A Restaurant and a Shopping Street

One of the days spent in Stockholm in December, 2016 included going to a great restaurant followed by visiting a street full of crazily interesting shops. The restaurant was just near lake Malaren where our cruise ship was docked, and where the¬†Fotografiska museet¬†was. Now this restaurant Hermans Tradgardscafe¬†is a treat for all the vegetarians out... Continue Reading →

Abisko National Park, Sweden

After spending new year's eve and the new year day in Stockholm, we and my sister parted ways. She went back to Delft and we headed to our next destination, Kiruna¬†from where we were to take a bus to¬†Abisko National Park¬†(ANP). Abisko is located about 200 kilo meters north of the Arctic circle. This meant... Continue Reading →


On new year's eve, the plan was to watch the fireworks which were taking place at the center of Stockholm. After we spent sometime¬†trying to figure out how to spend the last hour before the new year, we decided¬†to go up to the deck of the ship in which we were residing. This is what... Continue Reading →

Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm

The first day at Stockholm, 30.12.2016 began with a visit to the museum next door to our cruise ship. The¬†M/S Birger Jarl, which is docked on the¬†Lake M√§laren¬†is right next to the museum of photography called the Fotografiska Museet. It is a rather old ship, so there were some refurbishments going on, and therefore, the... Continue Reading →

Ice Hotel, Jukkasj√§rvi, Sweden

The Ice hotel. A unique and marvelous experience. Situated in the small and quite village of Jukkasj√§rvi, near the Swedish city of Kiruna, this place is like a fairy tale. You won‚Äôt think so when you first lay eyes on this place. But, stepping inside, and exploring all the fascinating artwork is quite magical. I... Continue Reading →

Living & Yet Rocking with Autism

I remember meeting a little boy named Anant Tiwari in the year 2002 or 2003, my memory is failing me of the time. But, he was this small, timid child, who didn't want to mingle with anyone. Who didn't like being touched by anyone beside his parents, and his sister. Who was happy to be... Continue Reading →

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