A Restaurant and a Shopping Street

One of the days spent in Stockholm in December, 2016 included going to a great restaurant followed by visiting a street full of crazily interesting shops.

The restaurant was just near lake Malaren where our cruise ship was docked, and where the Fotografiska museet was. Now this restaurant Hermans Tradgardscafe is a treat for all the vegetarians out there. It is an all you can eat veg food buffet. On this day, they had different mouth watering dishes that included salads, pastas, mushrooms cooked in a tomato gravy, baked vegetables, roasted potatoes, really good and soft bread, and much more. It is usually crowded on a weekend, and it is tough to catch a table, but the food is to die for. So the wait is totally worth it. After you have gotten yourself a table, you need to go the reception inside and get yourself a plate. Each plate costs about SEK 100 or EUR 10. Basically, you are just paying per person, and you can eat as much as you want in that 10 euros. If you want something to drink then you pay extra, otherwise bottles of water and glasses are just kept on a separate table for you to pick up. It was good to be eating a buffet after a long time 🙂


Entrance to the restaurant.
The view outside. People got really excited to see this big ship 😛
The view on the inside. A cafe decorated with t-shirts.

For pictures of the food, you can visit the website, or better. Visit the restaurant! I was too hungry and absolutely tempted to devour my food. So pardon me, for not posting any food photographs 😉

After this sumptuous lunch, we simply started to roam around in Fjällgatan, the area around the restaurant. We walked towards Slussen. A few captures from that evening’s wandering..

Lake Malaren.
The hotel “Name in the picture” 😉
A residential area, but we were just headed to bridge above. 

Slussenområdet, about the various locks that were built in Stockholm connecting various parts of city and for the easy passage between Lake Malaren and the Baltic sea.




The view from the top of the bridge.


The beautiful city of Stockholm.


After a good amount of wandering, we headed to Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm. We took a metro from Slussen to Gamla Stan. A little advice on the public transport system in Stockholm, it is a bit confusing. They have trams, metros, buses, and ferries. It takes some getting used to and understanding each terminology. Get to more about the public transport system here. Getting back to topic, in Gamla stan, the streets are filled with various kinds of shops. You will find souvenir shops, traditional Swedish clothing shops, exclusive board games shop, and many more.. be vary of the timings though. The shops tend to shut down by 6:30 pm. Especially during winters, when the sun sets by 2:30 pm.


The exclusive Tintin shop. You will find all kinds of Tintin collectibles here.


Further down, we continued walking towards Stockholm Central. Near the metro station T-Centralen. A few things en route..


We got some Glogg (Swedish mulled wine) near here. 

Christmas lights and decorations..


A nice and pleasant evening spent with my favorite people.. and signing off with a recommendation to get lost in a new city to all the readers.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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