Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm

The first day at Stockholm, 30.12.2016 began with a visit to the museum next door to our cruise ship. The M/S Birger Jarl, which is docked on the Lake Mälaren is right next to the museum of photography called the Fotografiska Museet. It is a rather old ship, so there were some refurbishments going on, and therefore, the ship did not cruise around the city (which is supposed to happen as per the website). But, the rooms were decent. And, since our requirement was only to crash for the night, it worked out just fine.

My sister joined us on this trip to Stockholm for the New Year celebrations, so we booked a triple room which had bunk beds! This stay on a ship was an experience too. To top it off, we had the best, crowd free view of the New Year’s eve fireworks from the deck 😀 The stay cost us about SEK. 2000 or EUR. 200 for three nights.

Coming back to the museum. Fotografiska is not exactly a museum, because it does not showcase any permanent collections. It holds exhibitions featuring the works of various artists. The tickets to enter Fotografiska costs SEK. 130 or EUR. 13 per person. As on 30.12.2016, they were presenting the works of Albert Wiking – We Have a Dream, Jacob FelländerCharlotte Gyllenhammar and of Martin Bogren. They also showed Diesel advertisements from 1991 – 2001 (under the name, ‘Finally it all makes sense’). Unfortunately, no pictures of Martin Bogren’s work, and of the Diesel ads 😦

The view right above Fotografiska
At the entrance. A fallen face.
The line up of the exhibits.

First up, ‘We Have a Dream’ by Albert Wiking includes the portraits and stories of different people who have dared to dream. Even when the world was trying to bring them down at every step of their life. Here are some of the people who have faced problems, but are still doing what they believe in. They have a dream..

Next up, photographic art by Jacob Felländer.


The technique used by Fellander in his pieces above.

Last but not the least, some impressive work by Charlotte Gyllenhammar.










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