The Beauty That is Musée Guimet, Paris

Another interesting museum ticked off my list. To be honest, This one was not on my list. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until a friend recommended it to me. That is when it made it to my list. Musée Guimet is a museum of Asian Antiquities. It has a lot of artifacts from India, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and a few other places. From the outside it looks just like another museum or building in Paris, but it has been designed exceptionally well on the inside. The lighting, the use of space, the structure, everything is impeccable and well thought.

So, after a bag check, and passing through the metal detector, if you have a museum pass, you can enter for free, otherwise the tickets cost EUR 7.50 per person which can be purchased at the counter. They have audio guides in French and English available for free if you’re keen on that.

The play of shadows at the museum..



More fascinations..


Depiction of Samudra Manthan, the churning of the ocean for the drink of immortality, amrit right at the entrance of the museum.


A well preserved 19th century library..


A Chinese headgear.


A tea set made with ceramic and bamboo.


An intricate model of Le Baion, a temple in Cambodia.




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