Living & Yet Rocking with Autism

I remember meeting a little boy named Anant Tiwari in the year 2002 or 2003, my memory is failing me of the time. But, he was this small, timid child, who didn’t want to mingle with anyone. Who didn’t like being touched by anyone beside his parents, and his sister. Who was happy to be all by himself, simply walking around, observing his surroundings. I was in the 9th grade, and thought that there was something odd about him. It never occurred to me that there could be an ailment that he might be suffering from. I remember thinking.. “something is wrong with him”, and I asked my parents about it. That is when I got to know that Anant is autistic. I didn’t even know what ‘autistic’ was. I just thought, “Oh! So he is mentally challenged.” I was wrong again. 

Autism maybe defined as a brain development disorder. And, well, we all know that it so is. However, people with this ailment are not mentally challenged. Heck, nobody with any kind of brain or physical disorder is challenged in any way. Today the world knows them as “Differently Abled”. So is Anant. He is differently abled. I have known Anant for sometime, and I for one can certainly say that he is much smarter, much more intelligent than any of us.

My last meeting with Anant, or Anu as we affectionately call him, was quite some time back. Maybe in the year 2010 or 11. I saw that his social skills had improved drastically. His parents actually did a lot for him to get him out of his shell. I remember him taking my phone, and sort of fixing it. As in, I was having some trouble with the software, and I was just making do with it. He took it, without my knowledge, God knows did what to it. Finally, I realized, that my phone was with him. I took it back, and later as I kept using it, I never faced the problem again. So, he understood what was wrong, without me having to tell him, and did something to rectify the error. To this date, I don’t know what he did. That phone is long gone, but this incident still remains in my memory.

Today, I am sharing a video of Anant with his Father, where he gives you the days of the dates 10 years well as of the dates 10 years later. Without using a calendar. So, please share, and let people know about the talent this boy has.


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