The Story of Aurora

Once upon a time, in the Swedish Lapland’s, in the cold, starry sky..You could see flashes of green and purple passing by..

This was new to the people of the town, everyone was surprised with the events going down.

There was fear, there was curiosity, the sky was lit green all across the city.

What is this? Is it destructive? Will it burn the sky, and then our planet? People came up with different notions, they were scared with confused emotions.

That’s when she spoke.. I am Aurora! I am mysterious, I am divine. I am glorious, I am sublime.

Do not fear me, but admire me. I will bring you luck, and beauty. 

This land is majestic and serenly white. I will be your crown jewel, a magnificent sight. 

People shall travel the world to get a glimpse of me. But, I am the diva who is not easy to see. I shall dance when I please, shine bright, or at ease. I am a pleasure for your eyes, a sight to behold for life.

You are my people, so do not worry! I shall cause no harm, but only spread my charm. 

Since then, everybody started boasting about Aurora’s divinity. Luring people to come and spend some time in her vicinity. 

Now, it is true. She is a diva, who shows herself only if she wants to. But, in the Swedish Lapland’s, she is often present, doing her slow dance. Showing herself to you, giving you that golden chance. 

She is not always in her full glory. In that sense, she is a bit moody. But more often than not, she’s there in the crispy cold winter sky, giving her blessings, making you smile..

Note: The Aurora is best visible from 8:30 pm to 1:00 am at the Abisko National Park, 100 kilo meters from the city of Kiruna. At the STF Mountain Station Abiskoyou can view her quite well. Abisko has a very dry climate, which is perfect for viewing Aurora. They say that if you come here, you have 80% chances of seeing her. 
There are guided tours for hunting the Northern Lights, which cost about 1000 SEK or about a 100 euros per person. There is also the Aurora Sky Station, from where she is visible brilliantly. The sky station includes viewing the Northern Lights, as well as an exclusive dinner (if you want). This costs about 1600 SEK or 160 euros per person. This can be a really good experience, but you need to book it in advance. We didn’t do that, so we couldn’t go up there. But, then we had a good view of her from our hotel room window at the mountain station. You can also walk down to the Torneträsk Lake (which is what we did, since everything was fully booked), which is easily accessible, and you can do it on your own. It’ll cost you nothing, and you will still get to see Aurora 🙂

The two days we have spent here have been an absolute bliss. And we have had the “golden chance” so see the Aurora on both nights. Even though, she wasn’t bright enough, she was totally enchanting. I have tried to take some pictures with the camera I had (as you can see above). However, it was hardly visible. The real sight of her was incomparable to any picture I have here. for a feeble Aurora, you need a really good camera to be able to capture even a bit of her. You will obviously get better pictures if she shines bright, but that doesn’t always happen. 


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