Bebelplatz, Berlin

Bebelplatz, or formerly known as Opernplatz, yet another historic site in Berlin. A site which takes back people to May 10, 1933. A day that pinches every reader and Author. A day when around 20,000 books by various Authors was burnt to ashes. Why? Apparently, these books were “Un-German”, and did not deserve to be in a library building of Berlin, Germany.

Today, this date is looked upon as the “Night of shame”, and there is a memorial which has been built in the square for the 20,000 books that were burnt. This is a thick glass window which lets you look into the empty book shelves created underground. This was built by Micha Ullman, and Israeli artist, and he called it the “Library” or “Bibliothek” in German.


Humboldt University in the Bebelplatz square.
The empty book shelf, which can hold up to 20,000 books. A memorial for the burnt books.
“In the center of the square on the 10th of May, 1933, National Socialist Students burnt the works of 100’s of free authors, publishers, philosophers, and scientists.” Picture reference:
An old picture from the 10th of May, 1933, when 20,000 books were burnt. Picture reference:

Around the Bebelplatz square..


A glimpse of the entire Bebelplatz square. There is some work going on to restore some of the old buildings.


A glimpse of the TV tower.




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