The Holocaust Memorial..

A tourist attraction, but heartfelt grief for the departed. The Holocaust Memorial. The design of this structure is still not very clear to me. Whether it is just created to pay tribute to the murdered Jews, or if it is an actual graveyard, is not properly known to me. People have different interpretations of the place. It has 2,711 concrete slabs which are not uniform in height, forming a memorial for around 6 million Jews who were murdered all over Europe. We visited the memorial in the evening, when place were getting shut. It might be better if you visit here during the day, when the Holocaust exhibition is open as well. To get better information. But, one thing is very apt, as said by Wolfgang Thierse, the president of Germany’s parliament.

He described the piece as a place where people can grasp “what loneliness, powerlessness and despair means”.

As mentioned in Wikipedia.

You can actually feel the loneliness, the powerlessness and the despair. There is an air which reminds you of the suffering and the struggle of the Jews. The Holocaust was a brutal and an inhuman way of life. And, this memorial makes you wonder what hell they might have been through.




Standing in between the concrete slabs.

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