Winter with Skirts!

Oh My God! Winters are here! Especially in a continent like Europe, it is to stay around for the major part of the year! It is cold, and all you want to do is cozy up in a blanket and just stay in one place. However, it is also the best time to roam around, get use to the winter chill, enjoy the winter delicacies, look forward to Christmas and the New Year, and what not..

While you do all this, you want to be bundled up to make the best of the days. More often than not, we take out a pair of jeans, sweater, jacket, scarf.. put on a pair of boots, a cap maybe, a pair of gloves perhaps? And, after a certain number of days of repeating this routine, the “women kind” (especially :P) tend to get bored. That is what happened to me, and I didn’t have the perfect winter dress or skirt to go with leggings or a pantyhose, so I took it upon myself to make one. In fact, I made two very basic skirts. One is a Basic mini skirt and the other being a Long straight wrap around skirt. Both these skirts are extremely simple to make, right from cutting the pattern to sewing it. There are a zillion-million tutorials online if you need assistance, so all you need to do is a quick search.

After completing both my skirts, I teamed them up with other pieces of clothing from my wardrobe to suit the winters.

Skirt #1 – The Basic mini skirt
Navy Blue Jacket – Janpath Market, New Delhi | Black High Neck Pullover – Primark, Den Haag | Blue Polka Dotted Skirt – Self Stitched | Blue Woolen Scarf – New Castle Duty Free | Brown Boots – Van Harren, Delft


Skirt #2 – Long straight wrap around skirt
Beige Coat – A gift from Parents | Floral Printed Wrap Around Skirt – Self Stitched | Plain Black Crew Neck T-shirt – Primark, Den Haag | Beige-Pink Sweater – Dorothy Perkins, | Beige Winter Cap – Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam | Black Boots – Bags and More, New Delhi


This is it. They haven’t come out as clean and professional as I had expected, but then it’s sewing after ages for me. Hence proved that I need more practice.. 🙂

Until next time.. stay tuned for new posts on travel from Berlin, Germany!

Merry Christmas!





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