Eat and Drink at Delft, Netherlands

Delft, the city for students, because of the famous Technische Universiteit Delft. People who are visiting Netherlands for pleasure will perhaps not think of visiting Delft. But, being a student hub, it has a lot to offer. It was a rainy day, we didn’t really have great plans.. but, we were out, and decided to head to where my sister works. We thought, we could pick her up and go somewhere for dinner.

Without another thought we headed to Papendrecht from Rotterdam. It was a long way to go, and the commute wasn’t very easy either. We ended up walking about 2 kilo meters to get to my sister’s office. It wasn’t the worst walk though, you can see it for yourself..

On finally reaching my sister, we realized that it was raining cats and dogs, and the best option is to go back to Delft (where we were put up), and figure out what can be done there. On reaching Delft station, we googled some restaurants to grab dinner. The one we settled upon was an Italian place called La Fontanella. Apparently, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Delft, which was first established in 1974. It is easy to get here using google maps, it’s about a 10 minute walk from the station. La Fontanella is a cozy and warm place, with a variety of pizzas, pastas, and other Italian delicacies. We had a good meal, and their cream sauce pasta was simply delicious!


Little bit of Italy.

After La Fontanella, we headed to a pub called Locus Publicus. The night was still young, the weather was cold, and this narrow little place offered a little more than 200 different beers. We took our seats way inside in a corner, and just gave our specifications for our beer. The bartenders know their beer well, and recommend the best based on your specs. I usually prefer a light, blonde beer, and I would have liked to taste every single flavour they had, but I intended to get back home in one piece 😛

Deserted. While walking to Locus Publicus
200 kinds of bottled beer.
A Belgian beer Duchesse de Bourgogne. A rather sweet and sour beer. 
Duchesse de Bourgogne and Malheur. There are different Malheur flavours. The one we had was a strong, dark beer. It wasn’t easy to drink. You need an acquired taste for such a beer.
Brugse Zot. Now, this was a good blonde Belgian beer. The best out of the three I had.

These are just two places that could be of interest to certain people. I am sure there are a lot more places to fill your belly with food and drinks. Apart from eating and drinking, there are weekly flee markets at Delft, where you can find the famous blue pottery artifacts. The dogs are extremely friendly. People are extremely friendly. There are beautiful canals with ducks floating around, having a gala time! It is all very scenic! Rent a bicycle, and go around anywhere you please!


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