Hiver à Paris

So close to Christmas, the city of Paris has in fact come to life. The days are short, but not as fascinating as the evenings. The weather is cold, you need to be well packed before you step out. But, it is simply marvelous roaming around outside in this climate. Almost every street is lit up! Every shop is decorated with Christmas trinkets! You smell freshly baked desserts at every corner! There is mulled wine (vin chaud in French) available to keep you warm! There are beautiful Christmas markets going on, and there is a scent of festivities in the air. 

One such Christmas market is the one in La Défense near the Grande Arche. To get here, you need to take the metro line 1 (M1), and right outside the La Défense metro station you get to see this glittering arena of the market. It is on till the 27th December, 2016, so if you’re in Paris, do drop in here. There are a lot of stalls made to look like chalets from the outside. One can find anything and everything starting from cheese to chocolates, woolen scarves and caps to kitchen wear, raclette to even some Indian cuisine. Not everything you lay eyes on might fit your budget, but just exploring and seeing all of it is an experience in itself.. 🙂

Right outside the metro station!


A restaurant right in front of Grande Arche
A Christmas Tree made of Lights!
The restaurant all lit up!
Get out of work and go into the market!
On the inside.
A really big stall for Christmas Decorations.
The cute little bench!
The Indian restaurant. Served some Indian Cuisine with Bollywood songs playing along 😛
French Poulet Tikka in a deep fried bowl (very deep fried wheat flour poori) with vin chaud.
Christmas Decorations inside!

A really shaken video of more decorations… Don’t know why it’s so shaken 😦

This is all about the market. Happy Holidays!

🙂 🙂 🙂





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