One of the pending ones.. Den Haag, Netherlands


This post was meant to be published way back, during my trip here. I tried to use the WordPress app through my phone for it, but something just kept going wrong (I think my phone has gotten old :P). Well, I basically lost patience, and then I moved on to see new things, so this just got held up. So, now sitting in India, I am writing a post about Netherlands.

Den Haag, a small city in the country, but extremely calm and beautiful.. The plan was to go check out the Den Haag beach or otherwise known as Scheveningen. To get to Den Haag, you could take an Intercity  going to Amsterdam or Rotterdam, and get off at Den Haag Centraal. You can also take a Sprinter to Den Haag Centraal. We however, took the Tram. We were told that the sights via Tram are extremely picturesque. We boarded Tram 1 to Scheveningen from Delft Station. Alternately, you could rent a bicycle and ride along :), it could be more fun, and cheaper. I actually found myself shelling out a lot of money on transport.

As advised, the scene throughout the Tram ride was indeed spectacular. You can see it for yourself..

Hoven Passage, a tram/bus station at Delft

Along the way…

The typical windmills of Holland.
Love the dedicated cycle lanes there.
Pretty houses.
Canals everywhere.
More trees..



On reaching Scheveningen, it is a 10 minute walk to get to the beach. It was a weekday, and therefore, wasn’t very crowded. There is a wide walk way along the beach, and if you’re up for it (and if the weather permits), you could go walk on the sand too. There are ample cafes and restaurants along this path. It is actually very romantic. You could select a good table at any restaurant facing the sea, and just settle down there for the evening. We were getting a beach view restaurant after a very long time, so we were very pleased 🙂

A hotel on the way to the beach. Loved the building.
🙂 🙂 🙂



The metal sculptures at the beach..

On the walk way.

It was a cold evening, and this little place had a fire going on in the outdoor seating area. The cosy restaurant we finally sat down at..

Our delicious meal..

The lit up night at Den Haag (right by the beach).

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