Diwali or Deepawali is a very important festival in India, especially in the Hindu culture. Different people celebrate Diwali differently, it is quite a festivity in my family too. There are lights, there are diyas, there are various delicacies prepared in the kitchen. The house is cleaned, and plans of decorating it starts much before the day of Diwali. Me and my sister start making lamps that could look good in our lawn. Finally, on this day, we make a rangoli, put up all the decorations, get ready, pray, and then just chill 😉

When we were kids, we would burst crackers after our prayers. Not anymore. It just contributes to the already existing pollution. But, you can still hear others bursting it. There are no official fireworks or anything, but generally every household has its own traditions.

This year my Diwali is in the Army mess of Bangalore. We have been busy moving, and while we wait for our luggage to arrive so that we can move into our house, we are trying to make the most with whatever is possible. 


The lit up corner of our transit accommodation.
Lit up Dalmation 😍
Happy Diwali.. with the yearly Diwali picture.
The yearly picture with Momma 😁