The train journey..

24.10.2016, we started our train journey (after many-many years) from Sarai Rohilla railway station, New Delhi to Yashwantpur, Bangalore. 

All packed and set to travel.. A new adventure for my parents! It has been a long time since their last move, so if not them, I was definitely looking forward to this train journey 😛

Besides, any journey with my dog on board is always fun! This is the best part about India.. if you don’t want to take a flight, and have your dog suffer in the dark cargo of an aircraft. In a cage. With meds in his system to put him to sleep. You have the Indian railways, where you can book a coupé, and your dog can travel with you :D. 

I think it is the best and safest option for them. I am one person who gives priority to dogs before humans. Many people think I am stupid, being paranoid for an animal. But to me, he’s my brother, to my parents he’s their son. The most pampered and adored member of the family. So, I don’t care what people think or say. They don’t understand this, and I feel sorry for them.

Picture time!

Dalmation occupied seat!
Our train compartment.

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