A post after ages!

My trip to Netherlands was almost a month ago, and so was my last blog post. I been busy, other things took priority, usual-usual, same old story, not important! I am blogging today, and I am blogging from my home country. India.

I still have a few posts that I would like to publish from my Netherlands trip. But, I guess that is going to have to wait. So, India. Everybody knows India. It is a beautiful country even with all its flaws (but then again, which country doesn’t have flaws? France too isn’t flawless). Even though, I don’t live here now, my heart always belongs here.

It has been two days since I arrived at New Delhi. And my life has been a little chaotic, and jet lagged. But, I have been enjoying every moment of it with my folks and my most beloved dog. I had forgotten how I missed the food, the noise, my language, my home, and everything else.

Just a few snaps of my journey till now..

Ready to fly from Paris, CDG


First meal of Idli-sambar and chutney at the Mumbai Airport 
My Dalmation with his new toy!
Next morning at home 🙂
Havan at the Hanuman temple
Prasad consisting of Poorisabzi (mix of potatoes, tomatoes and green peas), boondi raita, and halwa

My South Indian Dinner comprising of Rasam, Lemon rice and Appam with Vegetable Kurma

And now, looking forward to the train journey from New Delhi to the Garden city of India, Bangalore


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