Day 7 -Covered 3 Places in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Day 7 – 30.09.2016

Today, we went to Rotterdam again, and covered three different places in our to do list for Netherlands.

1. Euromast:

Euromast is a 185 meter tall tower in Rotterdam, which gives you an aerial view of the entire city. It is located near the famous Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC), and it is very easy to get here from Rotterdam Centraal. You can take the Tram number 8 from the station, and get off at Euromast/ Erasmus MC. From the tram station, Euromast is a 10 minute walk. The tickets cost EUR. 9.50 per person. There is an elevator which takes you to the top in 30 seconds, with the song “knock-knock knocking at heaven’s door” playing in the background. Oh! And, you can only pay by card here, so you can keep your cash in your pocket 😉

Further, there is another revolving elevator once you reach the top, which takes you up a little more (to the highest point on the tower). This elevator goes up every 7 minutes, and the view is simply spectacular. This is open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. We went during the day time, but I am sure the view at night will be even more spectacular. Apart from the gorgeous view, there are restaurants and a snack bar at Euromast.. so you can grab bite if you get hungry trying to keep yourself steady (to not fly away) with the strong winds 😛

The first glimpse.
Standing right below it.

The 360 degree view from the revolving elevator. Inside, they play a brief history of Rotterdam. They also talk about the important buildings around, as well as about the Rotterdam harbour.

2. Maritiem Museum:

The Maritiem museum is dedicated to the naval history in Rotterdam. It showcases models of some of the most important ships, and my husband being in this industry tried to impart all his wisdom to me. I understood a fair bit of it, his job can actually be interesting sometimes. However, I shall not give you a lesson in maritime now. All I can say is that this museum is the place to go if you have a bunch of kids to take along with you. There were only a few things, or rather a few ship models which might interest an adult. But, there is lots to do and look around for kids. The ticket here is for EUR. 10 per person. You can visit a few ships and boats that do not function anymore, and are docked at the harbour.

On the outside..

Ships and boats at the harbour (but a part of the museum)..

Aegir Panama, a pipe lay vessel by Heerema Marine Contractors (a Dutch company for oil and gas)
This is a drill ship, to drill wells on the sea bed to extract oil.. (yes, it is quite technical)

This is all that interested us (or interested my dear husband). Rest basically included memory games for kids, a little play area with a marine theme..again for kids, and many such things, all for kids.

3. Cube House:

Now the Cube House was truly impressive. These are a bunch of houses designed by architect Piet Blom in the 70’s. They look like the insides will be totally upside down, but no! They are perfectly normal houses, only with oddly shaped rooms.. but, this place could really be a nice place to live for two people, for a while (maybe for a year or so). Might even be romantic (star gazing) with an attic with the big glass windows. Pretty much on every wall..




Apartments near the Cube House.


Standing right below the roofs.

There is one house which is open to public. To take tour of the house, you need to pay EUR.3 per person. It just takes 5 minutes (unless you’re totally smitten by it :P) to finish looking around. From Rotterdam Centraal, you can take a tram (number 20 or 23, or better, check with google maps) to Rotterdam Blaak, and then walk out to face this piece of art. Its that simple!

So, now going inside.. it is three level house. First, the living room..

The dining area + kitchen, also on level 1 (fully equipped by the way)..

Going upstairs to Level 2.. a super long and curvy bedroom + study..

Going up to Level 3.. the cute little attic..

A little bit about the design and construction of these houses..

It was a good day.. covered some really cool places in Netherlands..


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