Day 6 – Lunch at Cafe Boon

After the harbour cruise..we were famished! We had read about this cafe on Lonely Planet, and decided to take a slight detour. It has pretty high rating on Lonely Planet apparently. 

So basically, you take a sprinter or an intercity from Delft to Rotterdam Centraal. Be wary of the timings of these trains, because they don’t run every other minute. From Rotterdam Centraal, you can take a tram to Leiwehaven. This is where the Spido office is for the harbour tour. (Just FYI, since I didn’t mention it earlier).

From Leiwehaven, you can either take a metro or a tram to Schiekade, and then Cafe Boon is just a 190 metre walk from here. It’s a cute little place with a red door. It has seating on the outside as well on the inside. Since, it’s raining, we went into the cozy, warm room. We weren’t sure what is good here, and we didn’t know why Lonely Planet gave it such a good seemed very normal to us. 

The menu is only in Dutch, so you might have some trouble understanding what you would eat. But, the guys here are really helpful, so we were able to order a real good meal. (No pictures of the meal, since we hogged it all down the minute it arrived). Although, I can say that the paprika sandwich is delicious, and the hot chocolate is to die for..

One glitch with the place.. they don’t accept cards :(.. and we were carrying zero cash, so we had to go back to Rotterdam Centraal to withdraw some. This is a bit of a problem in the whole of won’t find an ATM that easily, and small cafes or bars don’t accept cards.. So, lesson your research well! Always carry cash in Netherlands!


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