Day 4 – Heineken Experience

More on Day 4, 27.09.2016

After the market, and then after the I amsterdam sign, we headed for the Heineken Experience! It is another 10 minute walk from the Rijksmuseum. So, essentially we covered these three places in one day. It is not too taxing, just the right amount of sightseeing for one day.

The Heineken experience is basically an interactive museum. It is the Heineken historic brewery which has been converted into this super fun museum. You can get tickets for this right there at the counter, or you could even purchase them online. It is open all seven days, but the timings differ a little bit, so you can check that out here. If you don’t buy tickets online, then you have to stand in queue..which isn’t very long actually (at least on weekdays, i.e. Monday – Thursday).

We got our tickets online for EUR. 16/ person. This price includes a self guided tour, a simulator experience of being brewed, and two 250 ml glasses of beer for each person. If you buy your tickets online, then it is valid for a whole year. You can then visit here as many times as you want!

First up at the entrance..

The first thing we came across after entering the brewery.. there was a movie running talking about the history of Heineken, about the taste, about its packaging, logo.

Talking about the history of Heineken, it was first founded by Gerard Adriaan Heineken, and it has been a huge business for the Heineken family for four generations. After Gerard Adriaan, Henry Pierre Heineken managed the company. And, after Henry, it was his son Alfred Henry Heineken popularly known as “Freddy”. Currently it is being run by Freddy’s daughter Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken.

The family portraits..

The A-yeast, a major ingredient in the Heineken beer. This was created by Dr. Elion, and is still being used for the beer.

The many awards and accolades bagged by Heineken..

The Heineken logo..


The four main ingredients of Heineken beer. Water (90% in a Heineken beer), Barley (for the sweetness), Hops (for the bitter taste) and A-Yeast (for the fizz and perfect fermentation).

The brewing process explained in simple steps..

The Brewery…

The horse shed at the Heineken historic brewery.. horses were apparently an integral part of Heineken. They were used to pull the carts carrying barrels of beer to transport from one place to another. They don’t do this anymore, but they still have eight horses. They are well fed, they have five trainers taking care of them, and giving them a lot of personal attention. They get more perks for just staying here, than any other company could ever offer. To top it off, they get a month long holiday in the countryside, just running around. This was the best part! Oh! And these horses are all named after the members of the Heineken family 😀

Now, coming to all the interactive part of the experience..

The simulator. This is where we were the beer, and we got to know how it is to be brewed!

The bar where we had a beer tasting session. It was three step tasting.. 1. You see the colour of the beer and analyse it against the light, 2. You circle the beer in your glass, and then you smell it. You can smell the yeast in it, 3. Finally, you say “Proost” (Cheers in Dutch), and you take a big gulg! One advice.. always take a big gulg to actually taste the beer and not just the white foam on top (which is a bit bitter).

More fun coming along…

Can you serve the perfect beer?

Can you score three perfect goals?

Get your name engraved on a Heineken bottle! (EUR. 6.5)

There were other interesting along the path, which you should visit, and experience it first hand! Apart from this, there is a store where you can get some Heineken experience souvenirs. You can even get your name engraved on a beer mug or glass for about EUR.3.

A few more things with regards to brewing (back in the good old days)..

At the end of it, we had a pretty great time…



A little more of Amsterdam…






And a little bit of Den Haag (The Hague in English)…



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