Start of Day 3 in Netherlands..

26.09.2016 – Day 3

We arrived on the 23rd, and day 1 and 2 in Netherlands has been fun, exciting, mesmerizing and also a little tiring. First, we had the #ABGT200 concert the very next day (which was an all nighter). Second, we were visiting my cousin sister and we got back only by 1:00 am. So, I haven’t really been able to blog at all…

Well now… today, Day 3 started at 10:30 in the morning, and it is going to be a relaxed one. We don’t plan to go too far away. Just explore the vicinity a little.

Talking about the past two days, Day 1 included visiting my sisters university (blogged in, TU Delft). Apart from the university, there were a lot of pretty things on the way, which I tried to capture with my.. not so great phone camera.

A small flea market right outside the house in Delft

This was followed by the concert which by the way is called “Above & Beyond Group Therapy” (for those of you who didn’t know). It is radio show started by the Above & Beyond group. This was their 200th episode. I am not the biggest fan of electronic dance music, or progressive house, but these guys are pretty cool!

The ride to Amsterdam was long, also because we got into the wrong train for starters. But, we managed to reach on time. On reaching Ziggo Dome, we were heading to join a whole group of crazy and energetic fans. It was insane, the crowd! (Blogged in Kick-start #ABGT200) This was a huge space and we managed to get a pretty decent place on the balcony. The music was pretty good, but the light show going on along was even better..


Shades of yellow..


White lights..

Multi coloured..


More of the lights, and of by the one and only Above & Beyong..

Some more picture examples of the crowd there..

Day 1 was full of activities..we got back from the concert only by 7:00 am (which was Day 2 after all). All I could see was the bed. We just crashed, only to wake up by 1:00 pm and rush to the station again to head to my cousins place. She lives pretty far from Delft, about 3.5 hours away. It is more of the country side of Netherlands, closer to nature with dense forests and greenery. We changed 4 trains! it was 4, but it felt like a zillion changes! We also took a bus in between.. and these are the only pictures I have of that journey, cause I spent most of my time sleeping..

A long road to our destination…

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