When your sister decides to become a hotshot aerospace engineer..you get to go visit her place of study. 

Day 2 at Delft: exploring the the university which is popularly known to create braniacs..and yes, my sister is one of them.

It is a marvellous campus. Being a Saturday, not everything was open but the little bit we saw was absolute state of the art. There will be another day of exploring TU Delft, but this is what I have for now..

The Aula. A building with multiple auditoriums and halls. From an aerial view, it apparently looks like a spaceship.

Viola! This is where the braniacs study.
People get up here to study too.

The view from the top.

More images from the top of the library..

More pictures of the building..it’s pretty impressive!

Standing at the bottom. You can see the flight trails too.

On the inside…

The TU Delft flag.. (not a clear shot) 😦

Now..relaxing a bit, readying ourselves for the night. It’s going to be a long one for that matter.. #ABGT200