Fondation Louis Vuitton

Another interesting museum off my list! Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), a well known fashion and accessories brand. A brand that maybe every fashion person dreams of working with. I dream this dream too. But, it does not necessarily mean that you can waltz your way in, just because you are in the fashion capital. I for one realize this every day. Nevertheless, paying a visit to this foundation by Louis Vuitton was quite an experience. And I loved every minute of it!

One might think that on the inside, it has everything to do Fashion, accessories, beauty, etc. No. It has more to do with and art and architecture. It is a cultural centre, only that it is run by the LVMH empire.

The building for the foundation is simply marvelous. Designed by Frank Gehry, and inaugurated in 2006, this place attracts a lot of people. Currently, Fondation Louis Vuitton has curated some of the finest works by some of the finest artists of China. Honestly, I had never heard of these names before, but now, their work and their names will stay in my mind. Furthermore, there is a studio by Frank Gehry, and the terrace area of this building comes with a stunning view of the city. Well, enough talking.. Time for some viewing.. 😉

Yang Fudong..

Zhang Xiagong..

Xu Zhen..

Yan Pei – Ming..

I thought this had excellent brush strokes, and even though the artist has used all dark colours, the idea she had for this painting is being reflected. (Description in the image below)
The idea she had.

More of Yan Pei – Ming’s bold colours and perfect brush strokes..

Zhang Huan..

A very distinctive use of materials. More of Zhang Huan using ash from temples to create these masterpieces..

Huang Yong Ping..

This was one of my personal favourites. Again the story has been depicted so effortlessly, yet quite effectively.
The thought behind this piece.


Ai Weiwei..

Xu Zhen..

Zhang Huan..

A very creepy work of art. It was actually scary to look at, with the use of cowhide. But, it was creative. I will say creepy again, but good..

The above cowhide giants story..


Up on the terrace..

Art on this bright terrace as well..


At the basement.. A little play of light and mirrors to give the feel of being in a kaleidoscope.. Enchanting and never ending..


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