I am the sun, I am the rays. I am the one with the neon face.

I am the beauty, I am the grace. I can make everything look like haze.

I am the power, I am the pride. I am the one who walks with the confident stride.

I am your heart, I am your soul. I am the doting daughter you always hold.

I am your sister, I am your friend. I am right here, even at worlds end.

I am your mother, I am your stand. I will be next to you, hand in hand.

I am passionate, I am loving. And when you need me, I am warm and giving.

I am your luck, I am your charm. But if you quash me, I will cause you harm.


I am the Woman, I am it all. Though self-sufficient, I need your arms, when I fall.

My Father, My Mother. My Sister, My Brother.

My Friend, My Lover. My God, My Creator.

I am right, I am wrong. With you by my side, I will always come out strong.


P.s. To all the strong women who know they are magnificent. But, also know that they are what they are, because of the people who make her feel that magnificent.


Artwork medium: Acrylic on paper.