I got Internet! Finally!

The past couple of weeks have been insanely wild! After a lot of push and pull, a lot of conversations in broken French, and a lot of visits to the internet store. We finally have internet! I in fact have forgotten what it’s like to have this connectivity, I had gotten so used to living under the rock. But, getting back to all of it now.

Even though it has been tough and a little crazy, it has been a learning curve. A lesson that “grass is never greener on the other side”, especially in Paris. Living in Paris is not all cream as I had hoped. Things are pretty slow around here, and people are lazy. However, everything seems to be falling in place now..slowly, but it’s happening. Amidst all of this, I had my Sister and a Friend visiting me. So, we had good fun and got the chance to visit something that we hadn’t visited in Paris (we didn’t know it was there till we stumbled upon it..on Google).

The past weekend we visited a place called Catacombs of Paris which is an Ossuary that holds the remains of around 6 million people. And after receiving the internet connection, this is my first post about something after quite a while. Anyways, we stood for about an hour and a half queuing up in front of this place. In all honesty, we have never stood in a queue for this long ever. Not in Paris at least 😛 Nonetheless, we were determined to see this cave. When we entered we were immediately warned that, “the ossuary may have a strong impression on children and people of a nervous disposition.”


And I am a person of a nervous disposition when it comes to spooky things like this. But, after entering and finally getting to where the remains were, I realized that I am a person of nervous disposition only if I am asked to watch Conjuring 2 or any other horror movie. I wouldn’t say that walking along this path of skeletons was interesting, but it was new. A little thought provoking, as to how people come up with such ideas. Well I suppose it wasn’t so much of an idea than a need in the 18th century. Below are a just a few clicks to let you know what it was like, so scroll down!

A few quotes…they can be a little depressing, since they are all about death..I personally do not think they are beautiful, but considering the place I was at…I guess they are appropriate. But, I wish they were a little bit different..



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