Tree Lined Walkway…

Paris.. A city that never ceases to amaze me. The more time I spend walking around or simply standing out on my balcony, the more I get fascinated by the life that thrives here. It has stopped raining and after a long time (which feels like a decade), the sun is out bright and beaming. The skies are clear, there are more and more people out on the roads, lunch time (now increased to about 1.5 hours on a work day) is spent sitting out in cafes soaking the sun. Unlike India, sun is a moderately rare sight here, so I guess everyone wants to be out to see it. One such day was the day I visited the ‘Tree Lined Walkway’ or what they call it here, ‘Coulée verte René-Dumont or ‘Promenade plantée’. 

It started out with yet another cloudy day. I didn’t think that the weather would take such a pleasant turn. But it did! At around 6:30 pm when it is getting dark back home, and my Mother in-law is lighting the lamp in our little temple, it was as sunny as 4:00 pm IST. It was quite amazing. It seemed like the whole of Paris had come out of their houses all of a sudden 😛

Now this walkway, it is about a 5 km long path adorned with trees and flowers along the entire stretch. I found it to be a very distinctive concept! To have an old rail route redesigned into a park. For me it was more of an attraction, but for people who have been here forever, it is just a park. You see joggers all along the path. Boy, I go back and forth once along this stretch, I am sorted with my workouts. This park is not just for joggers, but for all those who simply want to sit, relax, and take in some nature. There is so much you notice when you’re just walking around, and it all feels so new to me.

After the wrath of the floods, things seemed to be getting back to normal from that day on. Trains seem to be running fine. People seem to be having fun. There was sun back in Paris. And there was a flee market at the end of Promenade plantée! 😀

I love looking at the buildings…some of them make me really curious. So much so that I feel like going in and knocking at someone’s door and ask them if I can get a tour of their house. I know, its strange.

Some interesting sights on the way…

The flee market and the rare sun shine..


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