Just a Short Post…

On 18/04/2016, I got out of Chennai, India to relocate to Paris, France. We all know that the Chennai floods were an absolute chaos. We are still recuperating from it. My home back at Chennai is still undergoing repairs, trying hard to be a little prepared for this sort of calamity this year. But today, here I am in the in this beautiful city where fashion, culture and art is always at its peak, and yet again we are hit by Mother Nature’s rage. All tourist places are being shut, the museums are moving their treasures to higher ground, public commute is being shut, people are left stranded. One of my husband’s colleague had to leave work abruptly one day, because he had to go pick up his wife from a place where it was completely flooded, and he was not able to get through to her because of zero cell phone reception. And he couldn’t come into work the next day.

We have certainly contributed a lot to this crazy weather situation, not just in France, but all over the globe. For now, I am in a place here which is far away from all this, but for so many others, things are tough. It just seems like a repeat telecast of Chennai, except that I am not directly facing it. There is forecast for rains for the next couple of days, which means Seine rising in it’s level…which further means more floods. To top it off, the strikes don’t seem to be coming to a halt.

June 2016, Paris Floods. One of the bridges over Seine. Photo credit: http://www.thelocal.fr

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