French Onion Soup!

I always heard my Dad talk about French cuisine, and how it is more of an artistic expression than a simple meal that can quench your hunger. He always said, “Their portions are very small! They pay more attention to the aesthetic appeal of the food!” I always laughed at this, made fun of the French, until the other day when I got a chance to experience it myself.

No doubts about the fact that French cooking is extremely classic and elegant. The way they plate their food is also very accurate (not to mention the quantity of it as well). None the less, I found their food to be quite filling and absolutely delightful!

We had gone to Île Saint-Louis last weekend. I had read a fair bit about this island on the Seine river, and discovered the fact that it has numerous brasseries which serve authentic French food. It has been a month since I have been here, and not have I once stumbled upon a French restaurant in my locality. Voila! So here I was, and this was my chance to find some really hyped (by my Dad) French Onion Soup!

Out of all the wonderful restaurants, we settled on a small place called ‘Le Flore en L’Ile’ overlooking the Seine. We got ourselves a lovely table on the outside, and without any further delays I placed my order for the Soupe à l’oignon. It arrived within minutes of placing the order, boiling hot with an intoxicating aroma and some beautiful baguettes on the side. It was a traditional preparation, topped with some bread and melted cheese. It was plain simple delicious, and every bit worth the month long wait. While I was eating my piece of heaven in a bowl, I realized that this dish is not over hyped or over rated. It actually met and exceeded my expectations. The portion too was perfect, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We then ordered the Roasted chicken (I can’t recollect the French name for it), which was pretty good too. But with this dish, my excitement about French cuisine went down a bit. I need to understand that it was French and not Indian, but it just lacked some flavour. Although the sauce that came on the side was great, and gave the chicken the missing flavour, it still did not make me as happy as the soup did. Now I guess I am just being a baby about it :P.

After the wonderful meal, we did what we always do in Paris… We walked. We again didn’t really know where we were going, until… well… we came across Notre Dame. Yes, we are somewhat lost people. But then that my friends, is the most fun!

More on the Notre Dame experience in my next post…

Till then enjoy these pictures! Au Revoir!




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