We traveled to Nice, situated in the south of France. We took a Train à Grande Vitesse popularly known as a TGV, which are the high speed trains of Europe. We took ours from Paris-Gare de Lyon, all the way upto Gare de Nice-Ville. The entire journey was extremely picturesque. And Nice is a beautiful city. Now, without further ado.. I present to you Nice… from 6th May 2016 to 9th May 2016 through my eyes.

Paris Station –

Walk from Nice station to the Hotel –

Scenes from the daily life of Nice –

Art – You pass it all the time while walking..

Yachts at the harbour – I would love be on one some day..very impressive looking.

Food – Cours Saleya has a whole big pond of restaurants, bars and cafes which are open till 4 or even later in the morning.

Shopping – Vieux Nice (Old Town of Nice)

Some sights that intrigued me –

Train journey from Nice to Paris –

After enjoying all the time here, we were heading back to Paris. Taking in the majestic view again. During this time, I couldn’t help but compare the views between India and France when travelling via train. Out here, it is all plush green. If it’s not green, it is bright yellow. Continuous fields of green and yellow with weird looking cows having a ball of a time. Small little villages around, with hardly 10 houses to show for. And it is all well maintained, clean, fresh. The stations are spic and span even when they are crowded.

Our country is equally beautiful with all the paddy and wheat fields along the way. The rivers, the hills, the bridges. You can see the view change from one location to another. It is pretty amazing. However, I see lack of maintenance in our country.  I fail to understand what it is that we miss back at home that these guys grasp and make their country look so neat. I guess you can’t just blame it all on the government, it also has to do with the sense of responsibility the citizens need to feel towards their own land. Uhh well, some random thoughts..



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  1. Photos can reach out illiterates like myself. So, is the your french to the people back there 😛 Universal. Yes, this that.. hahah!


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