We Got Lost!

On 30th of April, 2016, My Husband and I decided to go shopping in the Fashion Capital of the world. I had done some research, and narrowed down Galeries Lafayette as the first place I wanted to go check out. After two train rides and on reaching our destination, we realized that everything was shut. Not a single shop was open, and the place was pretty much deserted. So, regretting not doing a thorough check (I admitted my mistake, being the great researcher that I am), we set on a road that could lead us anywhere. 

The day was bright and sunny (which is a rare sight here), and we had ample time to ourselves. We reached a church which had a park right in front of it. We sat back on a bench there to take a moment to decide our next destination. Which Metro to take, where to walk, what to do… we finally decided to go some place I don’t even remember now. Because we simply started walking again, only to get lost and come across the wonderful and comparatively less known sights of Paris.

After the church, next up in our path was the Academie Nationale De Musique which is an architectural marvel. It is popularly known for its sculptures on the exterior, its grand stairway, the ceiling by Chagall to name a few. This piece of art took our breath away.

Taking in the beauty of our surroundings here, we walked further down a road which lead us to a number of shut stores of all the possible Haute Couture brands… Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cartier. Parisians are an extremely relaxed and laid back lot of people. They take their holidays very seriously. Every mall, every shopping place, departmental store, everything will be shut on a Sunday. Something you never see back home in India. We are always working. Anyways, now at this point we felt really lost. We had no clue as to where we were except for the vague idea of being in some high fashion shopping district of Paris.

Walking along we reached here…

We were awestruck and obviously went in there to discover the Roue de Paris which is the Paris wheel for the Paris city’s grand vision. This Ferris wheel is something that we had no idea about. It is apparently a wheel which requires no permanent foundation. It can be transferred from one place to another. And this year it is back in Paris located at the end of Champs-Élysées. One can see the Tour Eiffel, Seine River, Arc de Triomphe and Musée du Louvre when riding on this Ferris wheel.

Getting here was the sweet realization that we weren’t really lost. Paris is planned in a circular fashion, you will end up coming across something familiar at some point. Always. That I guess is the best part about being here. Feeling lost is not scary…


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