The Beginning of a New Life in Paris!

In this year of 2016, I have made quite a big leap of my life. This leap is…moving to Paris. The city of lights, love, immense culture and history. I am starting my life here in Courbevoie, La Defense with my Husband.

Leaving my life back in India and moving out here, where everything feels so alien is much more difficult than I thought it would be. Family, Dogs, my Job, Friends…everything. All that I knew is starting to look like ‘All that I need to know’. Everything that I learnt looks like ‘Everything that I need to learn all over again’. Language is my biggest barrier here, and I wish humans were born with the innate ability of speaking every known language. Nonetheless, I am here…with everything I have known thousands of miles away from me. I am learning.

I am learning to say “Merci and Bonjour” instead of Thank you and Hello. I am learning to be patient and follow every single traffic rule. I am learning that I have to walk pretty much every where that I want to go (irrespective of the distance). In short, I am learning to live like a Parisien here in the heart of France. It is exciting! Adventurous! And this new blog of mine is a part of this adventure. Further down is my first post about the things I notice in Courbevoie. The first thing is Buildings. Tall, oddly but beautifully designed buildings. So, here are some residential apartments that I have come across, and some general surroundings (which are simply pretty or how they say it in French “Jolie”).

But first off…

Simply..the face & a bench…
This is the Garden View from my Balcony.
This is the building view from my balcony..with the show of a very unruly weather.
A very attractive apartment complex. The pent houses are the main attraction. However, one commonality among all the residences is the lack of space. They are all small and cute.
A little market area in Courbevoie with the Tram station.
Another example of small and cute.
What intrigues me apart from the the textures on the wall.
This building reminds me of my school. But, apparently its where people live.
Now this one looks more like buildings in India. But they have a shutter apart from the sliding glass doors. That is to shut the wind out.
A building with French windows and a traditional Boulanger right below.
More French windows. I particularly like this one. Feels like a place for Artists.
An interesting yet confusingly odd building. May be my Architect friends can throw some light on it.
A hauntingly beautiful building covered with plant climbers.
Another building which reminds me greatly of Home.
Red Leafy Trees…marking the start of Spring.
This, I thought was a very adorable looking tree.
Delicate Pink.
More of Delicate Pink.
Pink and Green.
Naked Trees… over a not so good Graffiti wall.
More evidence of the start of Spring.
A little Garden.
Up in the Sky.
Glimpse of the Blazing Sun.
Nearing Nightfall.
Bright Sky through the Trees.




8 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Life in Paris!

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  1. Whistles! Loved the fact you are addressing through your words giving depth to the content. I will re-read it over the next week and synch in with you guys. Keep posting machis. lo9l. I know it means fish in hindi 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Its beautiful.. Make the most of it .. This time is so precious. Loves every part of it.. Keep updating😊😊😘😘


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